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  • Case Name: SEO Marketing
  • Country: United State, (FL)


Leaf of Life Botanicals is dedicated to Provide super high quality Kratom and other natural herbal supplements. Martin Connected with Itechfast To Carry Out Their SEO (Search Engine optimization) Marketing for were to Optimize SEO and Improving the online visibility and ranking of various Karton and Supplements products


Client wanted to complete all the On page SEO work his website was unable to attain any traffic from search engine. During our analysis we noticed that the website had errors on more than 300 webpages. Errors including identical website content, title, headers, footers, UI, broken links, sitemap error, W3C Errors, Anchor tag, etc. As per the project requirement and time frame, we revised our work plan and assigned multiple full time resources to fix all the errors. This was the biggest challenge that we have faced yet.


We started with the initial analysis of the website, the execution involved lot of on-page changes in the site. As per the project requirement, we proceeded with strategic work plan and fixed all errors step-by-step. To increase the ranking and visibility, we worked on Brand prospective SEO including Pinterest promotion, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon promotion for the website through which website traffic took a U-Turn and the client was very happy with our quality work and ranking & Traffic improvement on the website. And Addon More keywords after 3 month of work

S.NO Keywords Initial Status Ranking
0 Kratom Extracts for sale Dunnellon NA 1
1 Buy Natural Kratom Dunnellon NA 1
2 Red Sahara Kratom Extract 10:1 FL NA 1
3 kratom strains Dunnellon NA 1
4 Green Borneo Kratom Dunnellon NA 11
5 green kratom strains Florida NA 1
6 Kratom Starter Sampler online NA 1
7 Buy Green Kratom Resin NA 2
8 Order Online Full Kilo Kratom 4 Way Split NA 1
9 Yellow Kratom Strains Florida NA 4
10 Order Hush Kratom Shot NA 5
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