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  • Case Name: SEO Marketing, Local SEO
  • Country: United State, (Las Vegas)


Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center provides improving the lives of pain patients. Our advanced pain management doctors utilize a comprehensive treatment model that provides each pain patient with a unique treatment plan that is tailored to them and may include several treatment components. Lvpain clinic Connected with Itechfast To Carry Out Their SEO (Search Engine optimization) and Instagram Marketing for website to Optimize SEO and Improving the online visibility and ranking of various Spine and pain management Service. was one of the major goals of the SEO project.


There are different websites offering similar services in Las Vegas. Our main challenge was to place the business-oriented keywords on the first page in major search engines. The business-specific keywords were highly competitive in nature when we first started working on the optimization campaign. Every page of the website had high keyword density that was reducing the organic traffic on the website.

The structure of the website was also not organized. Moreover, the site's content representation was poor. We only targeted one business-specific keyword per webpage to make sure that the keyword density is as per the guidelines set by the panda updates. Google puts a significant emphasis on backlinks when ranking a website in its searches. So we collected a large number of backlinks from many reliable resources.


We have enabled our client to improve the positions of the website on different search engine results. The visibility was increased by 70% within Three months of the SEO campaign. Organic traffic, organic revenues, and total keyword presence on the search engine results were carefully managed by our team.

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